Legacy Philanthropy Works is a nonprofit organization created to help communities envision their desired future and figure out how to get there.

Our work is based on the belief that communities and the natural systems they depend on can be more resilient, vibrant and dynamic economically, socially and environmentally. Getting there requires creativity and vision, a willingness to get started and learn along the way, and a long-term commitment of time and resources.

We help communities bridge the gaps that impede the high impact projects they want to move forward – gaps in collaboration, trust, capacity, experience and funding. We strive to ensure that projects are driven by a community’s vision for itself and that the entire community benefits from project success.

We work solely on projects that further nonprofit, charitable purposes, and which are funded through charitable grants, donations, and/or revenue earned from providing direct services to nonprofit and foundation clients.

Join Us

Your gift will enable us to do this important work in the places you love. Support us where we’re already working or invite us to your community where we can help you create systemic change.

Legacy Philanthropy Works is the nonprofit affiliate working with the for-profit Legacy Investment Works under the umbrella identity LegacyWorks Group.

Please see LegacyWorks Group Affiliation to learn more about this strategic partnership designed for greater social impact.