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Community organizations such as land trusts, watershed groups, educational programs, agricultural associations and others are key to our communities’ futures. Legacy Philanthropy Works supports organizations like these in the pursuit of their missions. We help extend their capacity and reach, develop new tools and strategies, tap into public and private funding and build and manage collaborations. We do all this to help them tackle big, complex projects that make a real difference in their communities.

Our team has a long history of leading these types of partnerships ­– more than 35 community projects with 40 nonprofit, agency, funder and business partners over the last 12 years. With our partners, we help assess a community’s current reality and the potential to have the impact our nonprofit partners and funders want to have. Together we craft a collaborative strategy to turn potential into reality.

LegacyWorks Collaborative Impact Model

We believe thriving communities are built upon three critical keystones: healthy natural systems, local capacity and a resilient economy. Our work supports all three keystones by cultivating collaboration, mobilizing resources and advancing conservation and community initiatives.

We offer the following array of services to our clients and partners:

Cultivate Collaboration

  • Communicate with and engage the public
  • Identify stakeholders
  • Articulate community goals and vision
  • Define desired impact
  • Assess baseline conditions
  • Build multi-party collaborations
  • Facilitate innovative partnerships
  • Train and mentor community leaders

Mobilize Resources

  • Engage new tools and approaches
  • Develop funding strategies utilizing the full spectrum of financial solutions
  • Increase philanthropic fundraising
  • Match assets with opportunities

Advance Initiatives

  • Identify and evaluate opportunities and risks
  • Facilitate project development and implementation
  • Collect, analyze and manage data
  • Provide administrative and technical support
  • Measure impact
  • Prepare communications strategies and materials
  • Perform real estate due diligence
  • Manage conservation properties
  • Plan ownership transitions
  • Get the work done!

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